Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I thought my first post would be all about AML, Lindsay's story, that sort of thing. But here we are, at the theoretical halfway point for chemo. And I can't blog about cancer today. Because today Barack Obama went from being presidential-candidate to President Elect.

And I am filled with pride, joy, hope, optimism. Pride is the strangest piece of this. I am so proud of my country, and I haven't been in a long, long time. Perhaps it was dubya was good for this country, because he drove us into such an abyss that we have embraced this new face, this new voice. And, perhaps, we would not have embraced him otherwise.

Of course, I'd rather have risked it without the past eight years. I suspect Mr Obama, with his eloquence and grace would have won our hearts with or without the specter that is the dubya presidency. But maybe not with such open arms.

So, tonight, as Lindsay sleeps gently in her bed, her absolute neutrophil count at 7, I have a little hope for our country, at least.

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