Friday, May 22, 2009

Disney and the Aftermath

Disney, our Make a Wish trip, was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. As one who has always been a little anti-Disney, thinking they are way too consumeristic ... well, I take it all back. The princesses, the mouse, the duck, all of it, was absolutely fabulous. Every minute. We stayed at the Give Kids the World Village - a resort with villas specifically for Make a Wish families.

But now we're home. And I'm back to work. And turning into the crabby mother bear that I don't want to be. Jealous of Matt that he gets to stay home. Short tempered when I have to leave for work in the morning. Complaining that I won't see the kids all day. Of course, I get a lot of time off. So I know I'm being unreasonable. Grown ups have to work. And I have a pretty good job. But I want Michael and Lindsay time!!!!

I'm sure some of this is the Disney aftermath. You can't be treated like a princess (or at least the mother of a princess) for a week, complete with all the ice cream you could want (seriously, ice cream parlor opens at GKTW at 9:30 am, banana splits, floats, cones, cups, sprinkles, you name it and it's yours). But I digress. You couldn't be treated like that for a week and not expect a little adjustment when you return to the real world. Could you?

Perhaps one of these days I'll write about how much I love my job. Or about how, deep down, I just know that Matt is the better at-home parent - he's so patient, easy-going. But today, I'll just moan about the fact that I want to go back to Disney and ride the tea cups and eat ice cream and watch the kids faces shine with delight!

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