Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's Better than a Polar Bear?

Evidently nothing.

Today I asked Lins, "What is your favorite thing in the world?" I was trying to come up with ideas for her 1-year-after-being-admitted-to-the-hospital party (we've got to come up with a better name). Without missing a beat she says, "Polar bears."

Okay. Polar bears. Well, I was hoping for a food. Or an activity. But polar bears. Hmm.

So, I tried again. "Lindsay, what's your second favorite thing in the world?" Again, without missing a beat. "Flamingoes."

Hmm. Okay. Flamingoes.

"Mama, ask me my third favorite!"

"Okay, Lindsay, what's your third favorite thing in the world?" a second's pause ... "Trains!"

I was starting to get tickled. "And your fourth favorite thing?" She was laying on my lap, head upside down, staring directly at her little table. "My little table."

"What about Michael? Your family?" She smiled. "Yes, yes, yes. Mama, you're my fifth. And daddy, you're my sixth. Polar bears, then flamingoes, then trains, then my table, then..." then... she lost her train of thought.

Don't you just love love love children?

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